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Water games for the whole family

  • La Saguenéenne – Hôtel et Centre de Congrès
    Little ones and grown-ups alike can’t get enough of the tropical atrium with its indoor pool, spa, and sauna. For an experience that says comfort and peace of mind, you’ll find no better place in the Saguenay region. Easily accessible from the highway, make it your base camp for discovering Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean experiences.

  • Marina de Péribonka
    You’d think you were by the sea! With its marina, easy access to the lake and its boating activities, Péribonka is as enchanting as it gets. The place is just perfect for families.

  • Parc Mille Lieux de la Colline
    Parc Mille Lieux de la Colline is a theme park designed with the enjoyment of children in mind; it’s also where parents get a chance to relax. The endearing characters that inhabit the Parc Mille Lieux world, which is also home to Atchoum the clown, are sure to be a hit with youngsters between two and eight years old. The park also offers a whole host of exciting activities in a variety of fun and colourful surroundings. The little ones are sure to enjoy the water games, maze, train, little race cars, observation tower, little houses, and playground structures.

  • Municipalité de Saint-Gédéon
    Get out your bathing suits, plastic shovels, and buckets! Take the whole family to enjoy the big, beautiful Saint-Gédéon municipal beach. Coming from the Véloroute? Take a load off at the local campsite. Otherwise, you can opt for the youth hostel, bed and breakfasts, or the Auberge des Îles, where travelling with the family is easy and fun. Saint-Gédéon also has a golf course, marina, many parks, and Petit Marais hiking tails.

  • Parc de la caverne Trou de la Fée
    A river, waterfalls, cascades, a water main walkway, footbridges attached to rock cliffs, the ruins of a hydroelectric plant, hiking trails, zip lines, multimedia experiences... It’s more than a cave... It’s a different way to look at nature!

  • Hôtel Château Roberval
    With an indoor pool and spa as a centrepiece, as well as a restaurant and spacious rooms, Hôtel Château Roberval has something to please the whole family.

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Arr. Chicoutimi (Saguenay)
250, rue des Saguenéens

La Saguenéenne – Hôtel et Centre de Congrès

375, boul. Edouard Niquet

Marina de Péribonka - Equipement rental

Amusement park
Arr. Chicoutimi (Saguenay)
200, rue Pinel

Parc Mille lieux de la colline

208, Dequen

Marina de Saint-Gédéon

Parc de la caverne « Trou de la Fée »
Can't miss experience
Chemin du Trou de la Fée, 7ième Avenue

Parc de la caverne du Trou de la Fée

1225, boulevard Marcotte

Hôtel Château Roberval