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The outfitters of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

The outfitters of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean are ideal for nature lovers.

In addition to comfortable accommodation, fishermen will find here the paradise of native brook trout while hunters will be delighted by small and large game.

Outfitters in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean also offer in-kind activities for the whole family:

  • kayak
  • pedalo
  • quad
  • hiking
  • picking berries


  • Pourvoirie Québec Nature

Hostel, 9 chalets and camping
Whether at the inn or in one of our log cabins, you will be comfortably accommodated. The hostel in American plan contains 5 rooms, 10 beds, and 2 bathrooms.  The chalets accommodate from 2 to 11 people according to the case, in American, semi-American or European plan and are all isolated from each other.


  • Pourvoirie Club Colonial

Easy access location. Discover nearly 49 lakes located high and inhabited by large lake trout, as well as an extraordinary site for hunting bear and moose. Shelters provided in hunting sites.


  • Pourvoirie Wapishish

Located on the Monts-Valin, in the heart of the croissant vermeil, Wapishish Outfitter offers a magnificent territory with exclusive rights of 88 km2... The Wapishish outfitter offers chalet accommodation on the Monts-Valin for your hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and resort activities. The specialized and experienced staff welcomes you in our comfortable rustic and cozy chalets.


  • Pourvoirie Chibougamau

Outfitter recognized for the superior comfort of its chalets and the quality of its fishing for walleye and pike. Location on a peninsula between Lake Laganière and Lake of Canoes. Adventure enthusiasts will be pleased by the fishing expedition. Accommodation in fully equipped chalet (kitchen) 4 stars, hot water, toilet, shower.


  • Aventures Nipissi Outfitter

Chalet accommodation in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
Our chalets three (3) and four (4) stars will offer you comfort and rest after a busy day spent in nature. Our accommodation units include cold water and hot water, a full bathroom (including a shower) and electric or propane lighting. Moreover, our chalets are all equipped with a complete kitchen allowing you to concoct succulent meals. All you have to bring is your food. The accommodation consists mainly of three new chalets, each with two closed rooms for six to eight people. 


  • Pourvoirie Lac Husky

The American plan allows you to lodge inside our main chalet, the Mitcikogan. Spacious and friendly, each of the moments spent in this one is an inexhaustible source of memories to tell. Meals included, you only have to enjoy your stay. Our secondary cottage, the Jishkogan, is fully equipped to accommodate you in European plan. It can accommodate a complete family or a group, it ensures you freedom and pleasure in all intimacy.


  • Pourvoirie du Lac Paul

The price includes the individual chalet in Plan Européen package, petrol and boat for the duration of your stay as well as the fishing rights throughout the Outfitter area of ​​98 km2. We have a discounted rate for non-fishing escorts and children under 18 have free access to the site and fishing permitted on their parents' quota.


  • Pourvoirie du lac Laflamme

Plan American: Located on the western shore of the lake, this map offers the quality of 4 star accommodation. The chalets are located a few steps from the hostel where you will be warmly welcomed for meals.
European Plan: Located on the eastern shore of the lake, on the edge of a 1 km beach, the European plan has a more rustic character. The quality of accommodation is 3 stars.


  • Pourvoirie Clauparo Monts-Valin

Lac Archer: 7 chalets, suitable for 3, 4, 6 or 12 people
Lac Léonce: 1 chalet
Lake Périgny: 1 chalet


  • Pourvoirie du Lac Pierre

The cottages: The Bivouac, the Bellevue, the Montagnard, the Rover, the Traveler and the Poet are new chalets close to 900 square feet. The capacity is 6 to 8 people per chalet. There are 3 closed bedrooms, bathroom with shower, kitchen and living room. A large gallery completes the whole. Stove, refrigerator and propane water heater ensure a safe and comfortable place. The majority of the furniture was made by Saguenéens artisans. All cooking facilities are on site. There is a BBQ stove per cottage. You only need to bring your sleeping bag, pillow cases and towels and washcloths. Do not forget one or two flashlights. Pillows are provided. A slow combustion stove will enhance your stay. The camp leaders were very happy to live in the forest. In addition, they followed the security court. In the event of an emergency in the forest, the outfitter has a satellite telephone and is very well served by Air Medic.


  • Pourvoirie Homamo

Accommodation units at Pourvoirie Homamo are divided into 3 separate locations.
On the welcome site, there are 5 chalets: the Lynx, the Pékan, the Ourson, the Vison and the Ecureuil. We also have 2 cottages in the Baie de la Tour, which are the Castor and the Otter. To get there, one has to sail about 25 minutes in a rowboat. Dock luggage transport service. A radio base is located near the cabins of the bay to facilitate communication. And finally, we have a Prospector Camp located in the heart of a hunting territory.


  • Pourvoirie Itouk

The Pourvoirie Itouk, covering 70.3 km2 of fish and game, offers fishing and hunting experiences tailored to your needs. Recognized for the intimacy of the place, the high quality of the paths and its uniqueness is the best kept secret of the Monts-Valin.


  • Pourvoirie Monts-Valin Du Archer

The excellence of Monts-Valin Situated just over 100 km from Chicoutimi, Pourvoirie Monts-Valin Du Archer has a game area with exclusive hunting and fishing rights over an area of ​​52 sq km. It has 42 native trout lakes. In addition, these lakes are part of the largest breeding site for pure native trout in Quebec, the Croissant Vermeil.


  • Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval

During your stay at the Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval you will enjoy comfortable accommodation in the heart of the Monts-Valin. The 10 chalets of the outfitter can accommodate from 2 to 12 people and can accommodate about fifty holidaymakers. They are grouped on the same site and offer all the services required to make your stay more enjoyable. Each of the chalets is equipped with single beds and furnished in a rustic and country style. Large windows offer views of Lake Poulin de Courval


  • Seigneurie de la Rivière Olaf Outfitter

The Lordship of Olaf River offers an enchanting and picturesque environment for those who want to get in touch with nature. The accommodation site has only 6 chalets separated from a long distance to ensure the tranquility and privacy of the guests. Of these, three chalets can accommodate from 4 to 6 people, two from 6 to 8 guests and the largest can accommodate from 8 to 15 people.

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Pourvoirie Québec Nature


Pourvoirie Club Colonial

1 ch du lac Barrin

Pourvoirie Wapishish

Lac Laganière, route 167 Nord

Pourvoirie Chibougamau

Route Bowater KM 189 fourche 20

Pourvoirie Lac Husky

km 168, chemin des Passes

Pourvoirie du Lac Paul

Lac Laflamme

Pourvoirie du lac Laflamme


Pourvoirie Clauparo Monts-Valin


Pourvoirie Homamo


Pourvoirie Itouk


Pourvoirie Monts-Valin Du Archer

Lac Poulin-de-Courval, Monts-Valin

Pourvoirie Poulin de Courval

508, route 138

Seigneurie de la Rivière Olaf Outfitter