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Bistro D - Sandwicherie

At the dawn of 2017, Bistro D had the opportunity to make some space improvements to improve the space. The neighbouring room having freed itself, the stars were lined up to launch. It was therefore decided to work in 3 phases, with a rather crazy project that would see the light of day in the end. Nice and big changes were made on the bistro side while the remaining space was carefully revamped and arranged to receive the little brother of Bistro D. So it is in August 2017, 2 years after the opening of the Bistro that was presented to our guests, friends and neighbours, the new offer of Sandwicherie du Bistro D. In addition to offering delicious sandwiches, guests can admire the chef’s work at the salting.You can have lunch boxes prepared and delivered at work; you can afford to take home with you; and now you can also come and enjoy some cold cuts with a nice glass of wine!

To make a long story short: It took a lot of time, energy and effort (money too) to arrive at this little gem of which we are so proud.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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10:30 -16:00
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