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Chez Perron / Fromagerie Perron
15$ - 30$
418 251-3164
1 866 251-3164
156, avenue Albert-Perron (Saint-Prime) G8J 1L4

Chez Perron/Fromagerie Perron

The Fromagerie Perron restaurant-boutique is nestled in a charming old warehouse. The head chef, Carl Murray, shines the spotlight on Perron cheese and local products. Traditional breakfasts, cheese fondues, tapas, daily and table d’hôte menus available. Discover the poutine bar, with a new theme presented daily. Our dining room offers flavourful delicacies combined with local products. Kids menu available.

Chalets et spa Lac Saint-Jean
31 $ à 50 $
418 342-1111
1 877 342-7933
96, chemin du Parc-Municipal (Chambord) G0W 1G0

Warm, cozy log cabin style restaurant with stunning views of the majestic Lac Saint-Jean. Menu tables d'hôtes, regional dishes in season. Located near accommodation and Nordic spa.

Restaurant Audace Boréale
31 $ à 50 $
418 679-3346
1 877 679-3346
610, boulevard Sacré-Coeur (Saint-Félicien) G8K 1T5

L'Audace Boréale restaurant offers Nordic Cuisine inspired by the seasons and influenced by Aboriginal values and traditions. Table with certified local flavors, specialties of fine wildfowl, fresh fish. Offers a unique innovative concept, the "parachute jump". To discover!

Café du Quai
15$ - 30$
418 608-8425
358 A, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste (L'Anse-Saint-Jean) G0V 1J0

Located on the banks of the Fjord in the beautiful village of Anse-Saint-Jean, the Café du Quai offers a menu inspired by a Breton culinary tradition while appealing to several local products from Quebec.

In a country atmosphere, come and enjoy our delicious sweet, salty or flambéed pancakes served with a large selection of toppings and first-class coffees.

Bistrot-Bar l'Eden de l'Hôtel du Jardin
15$ - 30$
418 679-8422
1 800 463-4927
1400, boulevard du Jardin (Saint-Félicien) G8K 2N8

Bistro-Bar l'Eden de l'Hôtel du Jardin

Come and enjoy our Bistro-Bar with its pub atmosphere, banquettes.

Festive decor and convivial atmosphere in this open-space pub with a giant screen TV and fireplace. Bistro menu with a specialty of smoked meat. Quebec cuisine, Italian, grills and local products. Menu of the day served from Monday to Friday.

Open for lunch on weekdays and every evening: menu of the day, table d'hote, local produce, healthy menus for cyclists, beer from La Chouape microbrewery