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Parc national des Monts-Valin
 Parc national des Monts-Valin
418 674-1200
1 800 665-6527
360, rang Saint-Louis (Saint-Fulgence) G0V 1S0
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The Monts-Valins range, a true Nordic experience.

From afar, the Monts-Valins reveal its powerful and mesmerizing allure with incredible force, just as the guardians of the vast and savage Nordic territories. As visitors wander the region, they feel the call of the great northern wilderness. To fully comprehend this massive formation, the long winters must first be tamed, where thick snow carpets the foothills. One must also feel the sting of the crisp winter gusts and the tickling of delicate snowflakes as they melt down your cheek. A sensational winter experience.


During the summer, go fishing for brook trout and canoeing along the many lakes and rivers in the park. In addition to canoeing, paddle surfing is an original activity for meandering along the Valin River. 

In the fall, hiking excursions are in the spotlight for a full day or extended stay in a shelter.

During the winter, exceptional snow conditions transform the territory into first-rate snowshoeing and cross-country skiing destination. A shuttle on tracks takes visitors to the foot of the Valley of Ghosts. Snow-covered mummies and ghosts accompany the ride for the remaining 3 km.


Rentals of camps, cabins and shelters. 

Open: Mid-June to mid-October and mid-December until the end of March


 "The borders of the North!"

The permanent exhibit The Borders of the North will be unveiled by visiting the discovery and services centre. This exhibit portrays the main characteristics of the protected natural area and its development by the park. The scale model of the mountain, the herbarium (aquatic plants) and multimedia presentations instill inspiration for further exploring the park's natural resources.


·         The permanent exhibit is open according to the operating schedule of the Discovery and services centre

·         Duration: Varies, but generally 30 min


·         Free