Those Lac-Saint-Jean cheeses

Nearly three decades have passed since Jacob Lehmann, the cheese maker, chose Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean to settle with his family. While providing the necessary care for his cheeses, he tells what he loves about this land and those who live there. A beautiful gateway to the Fromagerie Lehmann in Hébertville.

Lac-Saint-Jean is full of artisanal cheese factories just waiting to be known. This summer, discover our Lac-Saint-Jean cheese factories. Discover unique stories, artisanal processes and fill your tummy with delicious cheeses.

Here are some cheese shops to visit or enjoy this summer:

La Fromagerie Perron of Saint-Prime was founded in 1890. Almost all of the Perron family's production was shipped to Britain, and it was long said that its aged cheddar was on the table every year at Christmas's crowned heads. Today, Perron Cheddar has an international reputation and is accessible to all gourmets. The Museum of La Vieille Fromagerie presents the history of the company and cheese production in Lac-Saint-Jean while it can be bought at Chez Perron counter and restaurant at the intersection of the main road.


La Fromagerie Ferme des Chutes in Saint-Félicien stands out with excellent artisanal and organic products. The cheese factory Au Pays des Bleuets, also transforms the milk of its farm in a beautiful variety of cheeses.


La Fromagerie Normandinoise in Normandin concocts with local milk some delicious firm, semi-firm and soft cheeses.


La Fromagerie Médard, in Saint-Gédéon, makes some remarkable cheeses on the family farm. The nearby snack bar also offers delicious breads and pastries, sandwiches and light meals.


Without exception, the cheese factories produce the fresh cheese curds that all the Blueberries love.

To make a memorable tour of the Lac-Saint-Jean cheese factories, visit the complete offer below.