Regional expressions

Regional expressions

The following expressions are an integral part of our everyday language. They are often so imbedded that we have trouble replacing them with the proper words!

  • À cause
    Can mean “why” and “because”, sometimes shortened to « a co’ »

  • Cotteur

  • R’gard (se prononce souvent a’r’gâr)
    From the verb “regarder”, to look

  • Être d’adon
    To be agreeable as a person

  • Faire simple
    To clown around to make people laugh or to bother them

  • Grèye-toi (dérivé du verbe « gréer »)
    Means “get ready/take something with you”
    Ex.: “Grèye-toi, on part bientôt” (get ready we’re leaving soon) / ”Grèye-toi d’un marteau, on en aura besoin” (bring a coat, you may need it)

  • Jigon
    Refers to a someone who is slow witted or behind the times (clothing, habits)

  • Là là
    Typical regional interjection placed at the end of a sentence to emphasize. It is so imbedded that it is now more a habit than a punctuation

  • Le Lac
    Almost automatically refers to Lake Saint-Jean

  • Le Parc
    Parc des Laurentides, Laurentides Wildlife Reserve (route #175)

  • Le Petit Parc
    Part of the Parc des Laurentides road which leads to Lac-Saint-Jean (route #169)

  • Les Bleuets
    Nickname of regional residents referring to the importance and large quantities of the small fruit. Note that the blueberries that grow here are so large that you only need 3 to make a pie...

  • Saglac
    Short form for Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean

  • Talle
    Refers to items found in huge quantities or volume, often used to designate an area where there are lots of blueberries