Escape Games - an innovative concept in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

A team, a room, an hour to find the way out!

Escape games also known as "escape games" or "escape rooms" are full-size recreation concepts designed for groups of 2 to 10 participants.

Players must look for clues scattered throughout a room, then combine them together to move forward in the puzzle and out of the room. Some escape games are built around a story, while others offer a succession of logic games or puzzle games disconnected from each other. The various escape games offer many scenarios that are usually based on haunted houses, prisons, scientific laboratories, stories involving zombies, pirates or hostages or kidnappings.

Inspired by video games, this game that comes from Japan has conquered the world in a decade! By September 2017, there were already more than 8,000 escapes games around the world

This playful and cerebral team activity will give you the opportunity to become a detective and live an unusual and fun experience, with family, friends or colleagues!



  • MISSION ÉVASION offers an atypical and original setting that will stimulate and enchant you. Immersion, challenge, cohesion, team spirit and above all FUN will be at the rendezvous.


  • Come and work your brain with ESCAPARIUM! The goal of the game is simple: you are a prisoner in a room and you must find a way to escape. By solving different puzzles, you will have access to several tools that will allow you to walk in the rooms until the exit.