Words of native origin

The following is a list of words of native origin. You will find in parentheses what each word refers to in everyday life (town, river, etc.), followed by the translation..

  • Ashuapmuchuan (rivière)
    Where one watches for moose
  • Babiche: Petit fil / coupé fin / corde
    Strips of rawhide, sinew, or gut used for sewing, lacing, or fastening: making snowshoes for example
  • Canada
    The village where I live
  • Chibougamau (ville)
    Meeting place
  • Chicoutimi (ville)
    Where the water runs deep
  • Esquimaux (peuple amérindien du Grand Nord)
    They eat raw
  • Ilnu / Ilunatsh (singulier/pluriel)
    Name of the Montagnais in their language meaning “Human being
  • Kénogami (lac)
    Long lake
  • Kiwanis (groupe d’entraide)
    He is restless / he is too noisy
  • Manitou
    Spirit of spirits / superior being
  • Mashteuiatsh (municipalité)
    Where there is a point of land
  • Métabetchouan (rivière et municipalité)
    Current that flows into the lake
  • Mistassini (ville et rivière)
    Large rock
  • Ouananiche (salmo salar ouananiche - saumon d’eau douce)
    Lost / away from its normal place
    (Typical local fish, sea trout which would have evolved following the disappearance of the salt water.
  • Ouiatchouan (rivière et ancien nom de la communauté de Mashteuiatsh)
  • Papinachois
    He tells jokes / he laughs a lot
  • Péribonka (rivière et municipalité)
    River that digs into the sand
  • Pichou (course et sorte de souliers)
  • Piékuagami (nom amérindien du Lac Saint-Jean)
    Flat lake
  • Québec (province et ville)
    Narrowing / escarpmen
  • Saguenay (rivière, fjord et ville)
    Exiting water / where the water exits
  • Shipshaw
    River enclosed
  • Tadoussac (municipalité)
    Bosom (refers to the capes on either side of the mouth of the Saguenay River, where the whales come to feed)
  • Windigo (légende)
    The forest ogre (giant cannibal)