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Exhibition: Distorsion - Mathieu Rousseau

A painter who defies sharpened curiosity, Mathieu Rousseau develops a technique over time that gives a singular character to all his work. Bright juxtaposed colours, textures and powerful gestures emerge from his paintings like a whiplash.

With DISTORSION, the artist expresses his vision of the identity of man living in a society punctuated by information technology. Hybrid images that illustrate the distortion between reality and virtuality, evoking the complexity of human relationships. Sometimes human, sometimes animal, a being occupies the central place of all his work, putting forward the intrinsic power in each of us. Through a set of codes and symbols of his own, Mathieu Rousseau takes up the challenge of transmitting his message to the observer at the heart of an increasingly complex communication system.

Credit for the work: © Rousseau, Mathieu, Soleil de nuit, Acrylic and mixed media, 2019

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