Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds

Exhibition: Correspondances - Jordi Bonet et Huguette Bouchard-Bonet

Curated by Robert Bernier, "CORRESPONDANCES" celebrates the love and artistic relationship between the multidisciplinary Quebec artist of Catalan origin, Jordi Bonet and his accomplice Huguette Bouchard-Bonet.

Jordi Bonet's paintings, sculptures and ceramics, dominated by nature both in the artist's motifs and in his artistic concerns, find their echo in the works of his partner, who stands out for the exceptional quality of her ceramics.

The exhibition is the story of this complicity between two people, coming to life one day in 1955 at the École des beaux-arts de Montréal. A correspondence that leads directly to the exchange of techniques and learning related to the material, to the earth. The correspondence between Jordi Bonet, Catalan and Huguette Bouchard, a Montrealer, is numerous and is inscribed in the soil of life. The tree of life has sprouted with its fruits that we invite you to discover behind the mirror of appearances and time.

Credit for the work: © Bonet, Jordi, L’Arbre de vie, bronze, 1973. Collection Lune Rouge.

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