Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds


On the coastal road around Lac Saint-Jean, a village full or promise and memories, Saint-Prime, appears. Agriculture, forestry, and dairy production and processing have always played a key role in Saint-Prime. La Vieille fromagerie Perron is an example from the past when there was a dairy farm along every rural road. In those days, Saint-Prime residents became skilled in cheese making and still produce to this day, cheddar that is renowned even in Europe. 

The municipality of Saint-Prime underwent a strong industrialization with the implementation of high technology industries in the domain of heavy machinery and agricultural equipment.

First and foremost, Saint-Prime remains an interdependent and energetic community, with visitor services such as a marina, a boat  launch, a free supervised public beach, a campground, and a golf course along Lac Saint‑Jean. The Véloroute des Bleuets criss-crosses this rural area. 

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