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Saint-André is a charming hamlet where the landscape is shaped by the impetuous Rivière Métabetchouane and the magnificent l’Épouvante falls. 

This municipality was formerly known as “Saint-André-de-l’Épouvante.” However, the origin of the name is unclear. One of the legends talks about a certain Théodule Vandal who settled nearby the Rivière Métabetchouane during the night and was overwhelmed with excitement. The term “épouvante“ from that era loosely translates into “extravagant exhibition.“ True or false?

Saint-André is a perfect location for hunters, anglers, and all enthusiasts of the great outdoors.  On-site there’s a kiosk, a small cabin available for rent, a camping rest area, and an observation tower at the foot of the l’Épouvante falls. Fruit, vegetable, and honey cultivation companies have all chosen to establish their businesses here. The municipality offers many services: a convenience store, gas station, restaurant, etc. 

Visit the area and meet the local residents who are united and proud of their roots! Enjoy the peace and tranquility that await you in

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