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clear sky


Nestled in the valley, at the foot of towering rocky cliffs, the village extends along magnificent Rivière Petit Saguenay. The dock offers incredible panoramic vistas where spectacular sunsets can be admired along 27 km of the fjord’s horizon. In L’Anse Saint Étienne you’ll discover an immense beach where beluga whales and seals can be observed from a serene and peaceful environment. 

Numerous activities are enjoyed throughout the territory, such as hiking along the many trails, fishing, salmon observation, sea kayaking, hunting and canoeing. Located along the country roads, artisans and farmers present their local products. 

The charming inns, authentic bed and breakfasts, pastoral cottages, and campgrounds on exceptional sites all offer an extraordinary and personalized welcome on your arrival. You’ll also find restaurants offering a variety of different dining options (local products, bistro, take‑out, etc.). In October, the Symposium de peintures celebrates the autumn colors. In winter, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and backcountry excursions are enjoyed alongside the rivers and mountains. No matter the season, live the Petit-Saguenay and fjord experience… naturally!

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