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Lac Labrecque has become a refuge for many vacationers, outdoors lovers, and enthusiasts of fishing, water, activities, snowmobiling, quadding, hydroplaning, hiking, snowshoeing and wide open spaces. Cottages were built around this large body of water and vacationers come from all over to enjoy this pleasant environment. 

Labrecque offers a campground, four-season quad trails and a snowmobile relay at Massif aux trois lacs, from which 18 km of trails were restored for hiking and snowshoeing around Lac Tommy and Lac Chabot. Several shelters, picnic tables, and benches are available along the trail.

In early July, Labrecque presents its Festival Country with gymkhana competitions, rodeos, and music shows. The village provides main services. There is a pump-out station at the municipal wharf.

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