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slightly cloudy sky

Nature lovers can stroll along the hiking trails. Enjoy the scenery, accented by the Sentier des 3 Chutes, which resembles a small hunting trail and the genuine Chinese gardens along the Sentier Coulée Verte with a brook and mossy ground covering. You'll be charmed, dazzled and fascinated by the course's original design.

The variety of trails offer a wide range of possibilities, from easy and wide to narrow, rustic and rugged. The Parc de la caverne du trou de la Fée introduce you to astounding landscapes in a lush natural surroundings.

The Trails

  • De la caverne (the cave): 1.64 km
  • Boucle des 3 chutes (loop of the three falls): 1.76 km
  • Des 3 chutes (three falls): 2.74 km
  • Caverne and les 3 chutes (cave and 3 three falls): 3.41 km
  • De la Coulée verte: 0.57 km


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10 June 2017 - 20 August 2017
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21 August 2017 - 09 October 2017

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