light snow
light snow

Spectacular and monumental, the cavern park offers an environment that boasts the most beautiful landscapes in Québec. Explore the cave and the surrounding area by walking along the water supply line and across footbridges anchored to rocky cliffs. Discover the turbulent Metabetchouan River with its falls, cascades, the remains of a hydroelectric power plant and diverse tree canopy.

At the Parc de la Caverne, cross the river on zip lines from high above enjoy the scenery, accented by the amazing Sentier des 3 chutes and the genuine Chinese gardens along the Sentier Coulée Verte. You'll be charmed, dazzled and fascinated by the course's original design.

It's far from warm inside the Trou de la Fée cave where the temperature hovers at about 4.5 degrees Celsius. The cave is made up of three chambers of different sizes. The first is rounded, the second resembles a corridor, and the last chamber is oblong in form and much larger.

This site was nominated finalist during the Léger Marketing poll when establishing the 7 wonders of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

More than a cave… an exclusive natural experience!

Last admission : 2 hours before closing.

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