Laser Tag at SPK Fun Center!

Form two teams of 3 or more (up to 24 participants) and compete in our 2 indoor mazes of 3,000 square feet each.

The laser tag is for people of all ages, from 7 years old.

With family or friends, face your opponents in this action and pursuit game that combines strategy and physical activity.

Each 15-minute game will bring you a multitude of stimuli with the music, the sound of lasers and the boosted atmosphere!

You'll be amazed by the ultra-violet lighting and the many multicolored lights that break the darkness.


The part

Also score points by targeting one of the three bases in the arena, while preventing them from losing points by reaching you! You can play as a team or individually, depending on the number of participants. Each 15-minute game can accommodate up to 22 participants. At the end of the game, we will give you a detailed sheet of your score.


Several types of game are available, the most popular are:

  • Individual
  • In teams, up to four teams at the same time compete for the arena
  • Vampire, a vampire vs. humans the party stops over time or when vampires remain

Price charter

First game of 15 minutes
9 $
Seconde game of 15 minutes
7 $
Third game of 15 minutes
6 $

To contact us

2175, boulevard Saint-Paul
Arr. Chicoutimi (Saguenay)
G7K 1E5