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Aventuraid centre écoaventure 4 saisons / Parc Mahikan - Dog Sledding

The possibilities are endless and enables diversity among the different courses, frozen lakes and rivers, besides the forest and savannas. In small groups (4 teams) with your musher guide, let yourself be transported to another time in harmony with your dogs and natural surroundings.

In the evening, different lakeside accommodations are available: in a log cabin, tent or yurt, spend your evenings in the great outdoors and stay warm with heat from the wood stove.

You'll get to know the musher along the course of the excursion. You'll become familiar with your dog and learn how to lead the pack. Soon enough, you'll have a fully trained dog sledding team.  With the dogs and your guide, you'll discover the woodland wildlife and plant life, see tracks from hares, squirrels and foxes, in addition to wolf and moose tracks. You may even see one of these creature cross your trail. During the evening, the night's sky is lit up with twinkling stars and aurora borealis. You find tracks from trappers: travel, eat and stay warm in harmony with nature; Live life in the North...

The small group size enables you to live the experience of your dreams. We offer several dog sledding adventures, from family fun and discovery, to intense excursions conducive for self-improvement. 

You'll find the perfect adventure with our company.

At the beginning and end of the excursion: on-site accommodations in a comfortable cottage in the heart of the woods, sauna available, and our wolves in semi-liberty nearby that will lull you to sleep with their harmonious song.

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