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Site de la Nouvelle-France

Born in 1990 following the shooting of two film productions (Robe Noire, 1990 and Shehaweh, 1992), the Nouvelle-France Site recreates the daily life of the colony of Quebec in the 17th century. Recently, the winter outdoor scenes of the documentary Le rêve de Champlain were filmed there. The site was finally opened to the general public in 1993. Since then, it counts every year several thousand visitors.


The Site de la Nouvelle-France enables visitors to travel back to the 17th century with or without a guide.

  • Voyage to Nouvelle-France accompanied by the colony's inhabitants.
  • Take the hiking trail on-site for incredible views of Saguenay and the fjord.
  • Attend the Les Filles de la Forêt equestrian show and visit the archeological sites.
  • Hot meals available for lunch.

Far from the usual commented tour, the course is a dynamic and entertaining human experience. Several entertainment venues, unique characters and period buildings reproduced with meticulousness await you!

Price charter

Adult (14 years old and over)
17.39 $
Child (6 to 14 years old)
10.44 $
Child (5 years and under)
Family (unlimited children)
52.18 $


Monday -

22 June 2019 - 25 August 2019

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