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Our chefs and guests always have the desire to make you live an extraordinary experience. They have prepared authentic and original dishes that will make you discover or rediscover new flavors.





The 30th edition of Saguenay en Bouffe was held from October 11 to 21, 2018 and was about the blending of flavors. Several destinations were presented in different restaurants: Argentina at the restaurant La grange aux Hiboux, Brazil at the Bistro au carré, Bretagne at the restaurant La Galerie - Hôtel Chicoutimi, Korea at the restaurant L'Usine Labrasserie, Finland at the restaurant La Couquerie, India  at the restaurant le Légendaire - Le Montagnais, Ireland  at the Auberge des 21, Iceland  at the Auberge des Battures, Poland at the restaurant Le Bergerac, Portugal at the Bistro Summum


The 29th edition of Saguenay en Bouffe was held from October 12 to 24, 2017 in eleven restaurants in Saguenay: Restaurant Tendance (Delta Saguenay) ; >Le Piccoli (Auberge Cépal) ; Restaurant le Bergerac ; La Galerie (Hôtel Chicoutimi) ; La Couquerie (Hôtel du Parc) ; Restaurant l'Inter ; Restaurant le Merlin ; Restaurant le Légendaire (Le Montagnais) ; Auberge des 21 ; Bistro Café Summum ; Auberge des Battures




From 10th to the 20th October, 2019

The Saguenay en Bouffe Culinary Festival will highlight the richness of the regional and Quebec terroir during its 31st edition, which will be held from October 10 to 20 in 10 restaurants in Saguenay. In each of the 10 participating restaurants, festival-goers will be able to find a choice of two tables. specially designed for the event available at a price of $ 32 and $ 39 plus taxes.