The Eternal Spa, a Scandinavian spa in the mountains.

Lovers of nature and relaxation will be delighted by the Eternal Spa located in the heart of Monts-Valin. Thermal experience, massage therapy and face and body treatments in an enchanting setting. The hot and cold pools of our Nordic spa are located by a natural river in a relaxing setting.

Our outdoor facilities run alongside a natural river and include

  • several hot water pools, including two large multi-massage pools
  • a cold pool with waterfall
  • two dry saunas
  • two yurts with fireplaces
  • various indoor rest areas and exterior
  • as well as a Nordic-inspired bistro

The thermal experience, alternating between hot baths, cold baths and rest sessions, provides deep relaxation, in addition to promoting better blood circulation and allowing the body to eliminate toxins. In harmony with our environment, we constantly monitor the quality of our water and make the hygiene and cleanliness of our facilities our priority.

Open: all year.


Price charter

Access to the baths
50 - 62 $
Package L’Éternel
165 $
Package évasion
190 $
Package Dérive
290 $
Package cocooning
195 $
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